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‘Bad and getting worse’: Labor promises law reform for Australia’s environment. Here’s what you need to know (The Conversation)

More livestock, more carbon dioxide, less ice: the world’s climate change progress since 2019 is (mostly) bad news (The Conversation)

Forget ‘murder hornets’, European wasps in Australia decapitate flies and bully dingoes (The Conversation)

When introduced species are cute and loveable, culling them is a tricky proposition (The Conversation)

Bushfires left millions of animals dead. We should use them, not just bury them (The Conversation)

11,000 scientists warn: climate change isn’t just about temperature (The Conversation)

Making deer fair game for unlicensed hunting is the right step for New South Wales (The Conversation)

We can ‘rewild’ swathes of Australia by focusing on what makes it unique (The Conversation)

Dingo dinners: what’s on the menu for Australia’s top predator? (The Conversation)

Thinking big gives top predators the competitive edge (The Conversation)

The bark side: domestic dogs threaten endangered species worldwide (The Conversation)

Making a new dog (BioSphere – subscription only)

Does culling work? (Australasian Science)

A large-scale experiment to test whether reintroducing the dingo can help save native species (Nature New South Wales)

Can we live without large herbivores (Australasian Science)

Let’s move the world’s longest fence to settle the dingo debate (The Conversation)

Mourn our lost mammals, while helping the survivors battle back (The Conversation)

What American wolves can teach us about Australian dingoes (The Conversation)

Want dingoes to leave people alone? Cut the junk food (The Conversation)

Dog fence proposal reignites debate over role of dingoes (ECOS)

Good or evil: what role for the dingo in Australia (COSMOS)

Non-violence has its place but let’s give dingoes due credit (The Conversation)

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