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Current Projects


Recent Grants and Fellowships

  • Australian Geographic (Current): The web of death: evaluating the effects of carrion on vulnerable alpine communities ($1500) Co-Investigator.
  • Threatened Species Recovery Hub (Current) “Cat suppression to conserve night parrots” ($180K) Co-Investigator.
  • Australian Pacific Science Foundation (Current) “Fighting over the scraps: predator interactions and the ecosystem effects of carrion” ($35K) Principal Investigator.
  • Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (Current) “Interactions between wolves and cougars in NE Washington” ($1.4M) Co-Investigator.
  • Seattle City Lights Wildlife Research Grant (Current) “Interactions between wolves and Cougars in NE Washington” ($64K) Co-Investigator.
  • National Geographic Society Committee for Research Exploration (Current) “Wolves in the pacific northwest: the final frontier” ($34K) Principal Investigator.
  • USEED Crowd-Funding (Current) “The top dog returns: the impact of wolves in the American west” ($17K) Co-Investigator.
  • Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (2016-2017) “Predator management in Australia: lessons from interactions between wolves and cougars in NE Washington” ($180K) Principal Investigator.
  • Australian American Fulbright Commission (2013-2014) “How to manage dingoes in Australia: understanding the effect of reintroducing top-order predators” ($57K) Principal Investigator.
  • Northern Territory Government (2010) EnvironmeNT Grant “Diet of camp dogs in the Tanami Desert” ($10K) Principal Investigator.
  • Newmont Tanami Operations (2007) “The ecology of dingoes in the Tanami Desert” ($100K) Principal Investigator.


Current Students


Lauren Satterfield (PhD; University of Washington): Studying the effects of wolf recolonization on mountain lion resource selection in Washington State.


Lily Van Eeden (PhD; University of Sydney): Studying the drivers of human-wildlife conflicts, focusing on the dingo in Australia.

Emma Spencer (PhD; University of Sydney): Studying the ecological role of carrion in Australian ecosystems.


Margarita Gil-Fernandez (MRes; Macquarie University). Studying the visitation rates of red fox and other species to M44 ejectors in peri-urban and urban areas of Sydney.


Past Students

Gavin Trewella (Honours 2016; Deakin University): Do dingoes (Canis dingo) facilitate behaviourally-mediated trophic cascades in mallee ecosystems?

Evie Jones (Honours 2016; Deakin University): Factors influencing feral cat density and distribution in a mallee ecosystem.


External Collaborators

I am always interested to hear from potential collaborators.

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